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One Call Now


One Call Now - Parent notification solution for school safety and parent involvement


With the assistance of the PTO, we have obtained the One Call Now phone messaging service, which will deliver automated messages to students and parents regarding academic and weather-related information.  The One Call Now phone messaging system will instantly deliver messages to two phone numbers per family.  The system will re-try busy and no answer numbers until the message is delivered.  The school's phone number, (937) 947-1212, is set as the caller ID.  This will allow you to know that the incoming call is an important message from the school.


Receiving Messages:

  1. Your phone will ring and play the message when you answer your phone.
  2. If you are asked for a touch-tone response, enter your selection after listening to the message.
  3. If a message was left on your answering machine and you need to enter a touch-tone reply, follow the "Retrieving Messages" instructions below.
  4. If your answering machine cut-off the message, follow the "Retrieving Messages" below.

You may also dial, toll-free, (877) 698-3261 and enter your phone number to retrieve messages from the One Call Now system.  So, even if your call is dropped due to poor cell phone coverage, you will have access to your latest messages.


Retrieving Messages:

  1. Dial (877) 698-3261 from any touch-tone telephone.
  2. At the greeting, press 1 and then enter the phone number that One Call Now normally calls.  Be sure to enter the number that you gave the school.
  3. If your message requires that you enter a touch-tone reply, press the appropriate key for your answer.